Marriage Separation

Deciding whether you should be considering relationship or marriage separation is a confusing and difficult issue. What many people might not think about is that just about everyone, at one point or another in their relationship, becomes disgruntled to the point that they are ready to consider calling it quits.

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Few subjects create more fear, sadness, and anger than marriage separation or divorce.

Marriage Separation

When most people enter a relationship they are in a state of euphoria, filled with happy images of what the future will bring. That's related to feelings, of course. But, many people don't stop to consider that what happens in the beginning of a relationship (the "falling in love" phase) is driven by your own on-board pharmacy. That is, your brain is literally soaking in dopamine and all kinds of other feel chemicals. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately (otherwise no one would ever get anything accomplished), that chemical bath gives way a completely different chemical bath that brings on feelings of bonding; but, often drives feelings of passion right out the window.

All of those images come crashing down when faced with the fact that we might not be living out our dreams with the person we had romanticized about. The issue of a possible divorce becomes even more complicated when children, animal companions, and property are involved.

That can be helpful time to seek the advice of a Relationship Specialist. With the help of a qualified and knowledgeable counselor, sometimes couples can come to understand that just because they don't feel the heat of passion (either in or out of the marital or relational bedroom) doesn't necessarily mean that anything is wrong. Although you and your partner might be in a stuck or painful place, in therapy you might come to understand that the pain is normal to the growth phase of a relationship.

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