Good Relationship Advice Can Help You Reawaken Intimacy, Warmth, and Sexual Satisfaction

Your Quick Guide to Relationship Success
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Your Quick Guide to Relationship Success
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I'd Like Relationship Advice About How To Choose A Relationship Counselor

Good relationship advice includes an understanding that the love and intimacy that most couples yearn for are not automatically sustained in a relationship. Although many couples find that the initial period of falling in love seems to happen seamlessly, organically, and easily after the first blush has begun to wear off marriages and relationships can begin to feel a bit more like work. And, don't let your husband, wife, or intimate partner tell you that relationships shouldn't have to take work. They do take work, hard work; and, hopefully a lot of fun and rewarding work along the way as well.

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Everyday tensions (financial problems, child rearing, job pressures, health concerns, and other responsibilities) can slowly erode relationship vitality in even the most loving unions.

Diminished vitality can cause a relationship to slide into a state of drabness that depletes loving energy and sexual desire. Sadness, anxiety, or anger may begin to take the place of happiness and emotional contentment.

The good news is that for many couples, with professional intervention from a Marriage Counselor or Relationship Specialist, it is possible to restore your relationship to a more loving state, with increased warmth, pleasure, nurturance, and mutual satisfaction.

I offer relationship advice as a Marriage Counselor and Relationship Specialist experienced in treating couples from all backgrounds.

Marriage Counselors Offer Important Benefits To Your Relationship . . .

Feeling Heard and Understood By Your Partner

Learning to Listen Without Feeling Defensive

Fewer Painful Arguments

Greater Warmth and Emotional Connection

Increased Sexual Satisfaction

Fewer Conflicts About Money

Cooperative Parenting

Respect For Your Personal Boundaries

Fair Division of Household Responsibilities

You Deserve A Happy Marriage that is Rich in Warmth, Openness, Playfulness, Trust, Romance, and Sexual Satisfaction . . .

Reduced Premarital Stress and Anxiety

Appreciation for Religious and Philosophical Differences

Fair Use of Limited Household Space

Freedom from In law Tensions or Intrusions

Support in Deciding Whether to Start a Family

Coming to Terms with Infertility Disappointments

Navigating Blended Family Transitions

Support in Deciding Whether to Relocate

Increased Trust, Confidence, and Stability

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Did Your Husband, Wife, or Intimate Partner Cheat on You?

Don't let infidelity, an affair, or a one-night stand destroy your relationship.

With professional intervention it is often possible to work through the pain of betrayal and come out stronger on the other side.

Steven Cohn, PhD is a seasoned Relationship Specialist with extensive experience in working with couples struggling to recover after an affair.