Second Marriage Success

Your Quick Guide to Relationship Success
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Your Quick Guide to Relationship Success
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Although no one can absolutely guarantee second marriage success, here is what many experts identify as keys to a happy relationship, be it your first, your second, or your tenth.

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Statistics have been bandied about for years, saying that as many as 50% of first marriages end in divorce. The estimates for subsequent marriage failure are even higher, in some studies approaching 75%. However, research from the University of Pennsylvania suggests that the risk of divorce actually peaked in 1979 and has begun to level out, if not to fall.(1) This is somewhat encouraging, but the simple fact remains that second marital relationship happiness is not at all assured. What can you do to increase your chances of marital happiness the second time around?

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One of the biggest keys to second marriage success is forgiveness.(2) If you have been married before, you likely know that conflict is just about inevitable in a marriage. It therefore seems intuitive that learning how to recover from a conflict would be very important in keeping a relationship whole. Even if you cannot forget whatever it was your spouse did that hurt you, forgiving him or her would be well-advised if your goal is to find second marriage success.

Another important factor in second marriage success is the division of household labor. A study published in the Journal of Family and Economic Issues found that when the wife spends more time doing housework, particularly when coupled with the husband spending more time at work outside of the home, the probability of divorce is increased.(3) Again, perhaps this is intuitive, given that spending more time on work results in less time available for being together.

By contrast, however, a study from Pennsylvania State University demonstrates that, contrary to popular belief, having the wife work outside the home actually increases marital stability.(4) Perhaps these seemingly contradictory findings can be easily explained. It would stand to reason that if the wife and the husband are working similar hours, their time is not any more infringed upon by both of them working than by the husband alone leaving the home daily for work. And the additional income can have a positive effect on second marriage success. After all, studies have shown that people who have a high level of financial satisfaction are less likely to have even thought about divorce.(5)

Other factors that have been found important to marital satisfaction and success include good communication skills, attitude (i.e. deciding that divorce is not an option), common interests, similar expectations, high self-esteem and the closeness in ages of the two partners.(6)

If you are looking for ways to enhance your chances of second marriage success, you may want to consult a Relationship Specialist. He or she may be able to help you develop the success factors mentioned above.


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