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For men sex advice is often difficult to ask for. A study of sexual attitudes and behaviors showed that although almost half of all sexually active people had experienced at least one sexual problem, less than 19% of men tried to get medical help for the problem. By contrast, nearly 40% of women asked their partners for help in overcoming any problems experienced during sexual encounters.

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Perhaps even more troubling, only 9% of men had been asked about their sexual health by a doctor in a routine visit during the past three years.(1) This indicates a certain unwillingness by doctors to broach a sensitive subject with their patients. This is unfortunate as it is often difficult for men to bring up the topic themselves.

Sometimes it is much easier to look up men sex advice . You might also check here for more men sex advice to learn about mistakes men often make when having sex.

Some men under the mistaken belief that they are the only male experiencing sexual problems. This is far from the truth. Experts estimate that somewhere between 10% and 52% of men experience sexual problems. These problems are often related to other health conditions, personal well-being, and relationship stability.(2) Some of the health conditions which can cause sexual problems, for example, are cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The biggest problems that cause men over 40 to seek men sex advice are early ejaculation and erectile difficulties.(3) Other problems include priapism and Peyronie’s disease. With the recent television commercials for products to assist men in overcoming sexual issues, some of these terms may be more familiar than others.

Perhaps a few definitions are in order here. Early ejaculation means reaching orgasm so early as to interfere with sexual or emotional well being in one or both partners. When a man has erectile difficulty, it means that he cannot attain an erection or maintain it long enough to have meaningful sex. Conversely, priapism is defined as an erection lasting longer than four hours. Although this may seem like a desirable condition, it is considered a medical emergency, as it is not only painful, it may actually cause permanent damage. Finally, Peyronie’s disease is a growth of fibrous plaque in the connective tissue of the penis, causing the penis to curve upward abnormally.

Unfortunately, there is no consensus as to how all of these problems should be approached or treated. This fact can make it very confusing, for men sex advice is not only difficult to ask for, it is difficult to implement because there are many different opinions as to what works.

If you cannot find a way to ask your doctor about any sexual difficulties you are having, you may find it easier to talk to a Relationship Specialist. Men sex advice is yours for the asking. Isn’t your sexual health worth the initial embarrassment you may feel in asking for help?

End Notes

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